Sound Massage Therapy

Dr. Telse Merry PhD

Telse and Gong

Dr. Telse Merry is an internationally recognized sound healer and educator.  She has brought this unique method of sound therapy to the United States. She is extremely well qualified having worked with the world’s leading prenatal sound therapist Dr. Alfred Tomatis in both Paris and Toronto, and with Peter Hess, the founder and developer of sound massage in Germany and Switzerland. Dr. Merry is a master and pioneer in the field of sound healing and has traveled internationally sharing her enthusiasm. She has traveled and taught extensively throughout Germany, Europe and the United States lecturing and giving seminars on sound massage and related subjects. Throughout her many years of study in Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Massage, Hypnosis and other courses she has found that Sound Massage is the most effective and the most profound form of healing.  She has seen the many benefits working with all age groups from infants to the elderly.  Her passion is to share her knowledge and teach others on how to integrate this powerful, yet gentle healing technique.

Sound Massage Therapy

Leiah Carr, LMT, ATBP
leiah and bowls

Leiah Carr is a National and Florida Licensed Massage Therapist. She has studied extensively on the use and beneficial healing effects of the power of sound. She has trained with many great sound healers such as Tom Kenyon, Eric Bergland, Margaret Sutton, and has trained and worked directly with Dr. Merry.  She incorporates the healing power of Sound Healing and Sound Massage in her Massage Therapy and Wellness Center, the Health Studio, and has documented many astounding results with Sound Healing and Sound Massage. Leiah has seen first hand how Sound Massage can accelerate the healing process for both chronic and acute cases, as well as the profound effect that Sound Massage has on rapidly reducing anxiety and stress. Apart from managing her successful massage center, she has also served as the Executive State President of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association, and serves as the Chair of the International Massage Therapy Credentialing Council (IMTCC). Leiah has conducted research on the effect of sound massage and vibration on the immune system.  She has also conducted studies on the effects of sound on the nervous system and healing.  Leiah is a lifetime member of the Sound Healing Research Foundation.  Leiah is an advocate for the massage and wellness industry and was inducted into the World Massage Hall of Fame in 2016.  She has received numerous awards for her contributions and her passion for the healing arts.  Leiah loves to provide the opportunity for individuals to experience the power of sound first hand and to learn about the powerful healing benefits of sound massage.  



The International Sound Healing Institute was created to teach and spread the knowledge of the healing properties of sound. clef-799256_1280

To accomplish that goal we have studied sound healing modalities from around the world and offer you that information in a condensed format in our hands-on seminars and workshops.

If you are a professional health care worker we can show you how to integrate sound massage into your work, and increase your income Since the “sound-work” is utterly relaxing, not just for the client, but for the therapist as well, you’ll be able to work longer hours, yet feel energized instead of tired at the end of the day. If you just want to help yourself (or friends and family) with sound massage therapy, you’ll learn how many ailments and especially chronic conditions respond favorably to the sounds of the Tibetan Healing Bowls. A seminar with us will allow you to use the bowls and amaze your friends and clients.

Through the International Sound Healing Institute you will gain the knowledge, skills and expertise necessary to provide sound healing to your clients, family and friends, as well as experience the many benefits of the power of sound for your self.

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Nancy F., Fort Lauderdale: “I had a life changing experience through the course. I did not know how much one course could impact my practice. I now work with greater ease and see amazing results using the power of sound in my sessions.”

Mary R., Jacksonville: “Telse and Leiah are excellent teachers who were able to teach me in just 3 hours how to work with the bowls. I find myself using them daily. My mother’s chronic headaches are all but gone and my husband can’t wait to get a five- minute relaxation treatment after work every day. “

John K., St. Augustine: “After incorporating the bowls in my practice, my business has increased as have my own energy levels. I am most grateful to Leiah and Telse.”

Jennifer L. Tampa: “My chronic backache is gone! Amazing! After only two months working with the bowls – not on me, but on my clients, who all love my new therapy routine.”

Esther C., Gainesville: “I was on the verge of giving up my massage business (due to illness and age) when I took the Basic Healing Bowl workshop and discovered a new way of helping not only my clients but myself. Since I am working with the bowls my energy levels have gone up, I lost weight, my blood pressure went down, and I gained nine new clients, who are enthusiastic about the sound massage sessions.”

George F. Atlanta: “Thank you, girls! Your workshop is amazing! I am a workshop junky (and expert) and must say, you are not just entertaining, you are incredibly informative and ABSOLUTELY WORTH the investment. I am using the sound massage on a daily basis and would like to sign up for the advanced workshop.”

Amber J., Fort Lauderdale: “The most worthwhile and useful workshop I have taken in the last few years. I recommend it highly.”