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The International Sound Healing Institute is pleased to welcome you to our site. We specialize in providing training in sound healing through our educational seminars.  We are also a top quality source for Tibetan singing bowls and sound healing products. Our passion is to teach and share with others about the amazing healing power of sound, and how it can easily be used to improve the health of individuals, clients, family members and friends.  We are also passionate about providing quality sound healing products so you can experience first hand the amazing healing power of sound.
We educate professional Practitioners, as well as individuals seeking knowledge on how to integrate this powerful healing method into their life and business. Sound Massage is an ancient method for modern times that is highly effective in addressing a large number of diseases and conditions. Sound Massage is based on over 5000 years of Indian Medicine. According to ancient Eastern teachings the universe and mankind were created from sound, therefore man is sound. Sound healing works at the cellular level. Sound Massage works with soft vibrations and calming sounds. Sound Massage can effectively dissolve physical, mental and emotional blockages. Sound effectively restores balance and harmony. 
Please explore our site and learn more about the healing power of sound.


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